Our Claims team is comprised of highly experienced attorneys and insurance professionals who are all licensed claims adjusters.  They are ready to assist insureds and provide responsive and quality services.  Each claim professional focuses on a particular line of business, so they have specialized expertise to handle the assigned claims.  A claim file is usually managed by one claim professional from incident report until resolution.  They strive to handle claims proactively, maintain open communications with the insured, and always work towards achieving a favorable resolution.

How to report a bond claim:

[email protected]

Please be sure to include the Bond number,  the Principal’s name,  a brief description of your claim, your full name or company name, your mailing address and phone number.

How to report all other claims:

[email protected]

For all claim reports:

PO Box 5900
Madison, WI 53705
Option #3
608-829-7451 (bond claims)
608-829-7411 (all other claims)

How to request loss runs:

Click here to submit a loss runs request.

CapSpecialty Fraud Warnings:

Click here to access CapSpecialty’s Fraud Warnings document.