“We’ve had a strong relationship with CapSpecialty from the get-go. Since getting off the ground, the team has been incredible. Fast, responsive, straightforward “can do” attitudes abound at CapSpecialty. Andrew Charron and his team found a way, from the beginning, to provide top-level service. They understand the wholesale mindset and the need for solutions, even on tough risks. The best part is the CapSpecialty team has figured out how to provide solutions without over complicating the process. Well done! We are grateful for the partnership here at CRC!”

Rusty Hughes, CRC

Be sure to join us for the next segment of our 25 Minutes with Cap webinar series! CapSpecialty's Adam Sills and Markel Global Reinsurance's Don Bahr will be discussing reinsurance trends this afternoon at 2pm EST. Click here to register: https://bit.ly/3bT9Osn