During these trying times, we understand that you and your customers have many billing and payment questions.  We are sensitive to this and want to help.  Our whole company is currently working remotely, and will continue to do so at least until June 1st, but our continuity plans have allowed us to operate as business as usual.

As you would expect, we are complying with all states’ notices concerning cancellations, non-renewals, premium forbearance and other matters relating to insureds who are affected by this current crisis; however, there are still states where no specific guidance has been provided.  In these situations, agents or insureds should reach out to our billing specialists at [email protected] or call our billing line at 888.541.0481 for further information, and/or requests for leniency.  Please ensure that the subject of your email is ‘COVID-19’ so that we can treat this specific request with the appropriate urgency.

We are committed to working with you on these types of issues for as long as this pandemic lasts.


Information for New Jersey Direct Bill Policyholders

Information for New York Direct Bill Policyholders